Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lucky Strike Unfiltered Cigarettes

Is it true the the logo on Lucky Strike unfiltered cigarettes is printed in nicotine?
I heard the following story from some friends of mine whom are Lucky Strike fanatics.

During the war Lucky Strikes were sent overseas to the soldiers. Being that there was no filter the soldiers could start smoking from either side of the cigarette. The company wanted the soldiers to start with the end with the logo on it so that discarded butts could not be identified as American cigarettes. So as an incentive the logo was printed in nicotine, promising the soldiers that head rush they loved.
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You cannot print with Nicotine - Nicotine is an alkaloid. Despite having some properties (such as a high concentration of nitrogen) that could in theory could be used in a printing solvent, Alkaloids are also naturally high in acidity.

If you rubbed nicotine on your skin it would permeate it - As such, it would damage any paper it would be printed to a noticeable degree if any decent amount of nicotine was to be used in printing inks (Since printing toners didn't exist back in the day of lucky strike, and even if they did, Nicotine would combust when put through a heat-sensitive fuser). You can't just 'print' with nicotine, nicotine isn't something soluable and mixable onto paper.

In theory, you could mix nicotine with ink - However, once you printed with it, it would:

A) Make the Lucky Strike Logo damaged

B) Have no nicotine odour or taste (You'd be sucking on ink, and probably die)

C) Not resemble Nicotine in any way

Sorry - your friends are wrong :)

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