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Vapor Cigarette Dangers

How do you feel about Electronic Cigarettes?
I saw a woman smoking what I thought was a real cigarette in Sam's today and found out later that it was one of those electronic cigarettes, it looks like the real deal and even looks like smoke when she exhaled but there was no tobacco smell . Just a vapor of sorts came out. I have never smoked and not offended if someone smokes around me, but, just to see someone in a public store is something I haven't seen in quite sometime. I bet you will hear an out cry from anti smokers on this!
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Actually, the fda is already trying to ban them, and in some areas they already fall under the public smoking ban.

I support the use of them.

Technially, its not water vapor. Its vegetable glycerin and propelyne glycol. Both ingredients are fda approved for use in food. Both ingredients are used in children's fog machine toys. Both ingredients are used in real stage fog machines. Both ingredients are in real cigs, but not associated with physical dangers of cancer or copd.

You can get them with or without nicotine, and you can step down your nicotine dosage similar to the way every other nicotine replacement product suggests.

I think if a fair and impartial regulation could be done, I would support it... They do need to be age regulated just like any other nicotine product. There are unscrupulous companies and brands selling complete crap that could be a fire hazard or cause other damage/injuries.

But the fda is wanting to completely ban them, call them a smoking cessation tool by rx only, etc, etc, etc, The fda is also calling them more dangerous than cigs, even though independent studies on virtually every brand have concluded that none of the chemicals associated with higher risk of lung cancer or copd are in the vapor. They have shown that vapor is not damaging the lungs as smoke does. Heavy long term smokers are seeing the health improvements of completely quitting by switching to these.

Now, just like everything else, it will work for some, wont for others. But I think the fda ban is a direct result of the tobacco companies getting scared... tobacco companies that many of our law makers profit directly from.

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